Boond - Tracking and reducing water consumption

My Masters thesis project in GID on helping people reduce their water consumption while travelling.

Superthrower bowling machine

I was selected by Bang Design , an award winning design firm in Bangalore, to work on the Superthrower cricket bowling machine being developed by Freebowler LLC .

Design analysis of a Single-Effect Solar Still

My Masters thesis project on analysing and improving the efficiency of passive single effect solar stills.

Design of a Hot hatchback - Project RP

Outline the specifications and design of a hot hatchback targeted at the Indian automobile market.

Lumbar support for drivers

Prolonged driving is one of the main causes for lower back pain in men, this is due to improper posture and poorly designed seats.


Designing a retrofittable attachment to community dustbins that cleans the vicinity of the dustbin

Efficiency of Electric Vehicles

The energy efficiency of electric vehicles is analysed and compared against conventional ICE vehicles.

Optimal Control of Mircogrids

This project explored various control strategies for operating energy microgrids.

Saarang Mobile Application

The development of the Android application for the cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.